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Cedar & Oak is locally owned and operated with the explicit mission of providing a worry-free experience when it comes to your event, music and lighting needs. This is accomplished through flawless execution, the latest equipment in the industry, extensive planning and clear communications. We are working solely to meet your needs and ensure your dreams come true.

Benji, Cedar & Oak's Chief Operating Officer and first Master of Ceremonies, was taught by one of the best MC's in the southeast, and is trained to get your guests involved in your event with a combination of interactive techniques and an extensive knowledge of music. A keen sense of timing, and professional and courteous conduct are just a few reasons clients gravitate to Cedar & Oak. Every wedding and event is different. Every client is different. And since Cedar & Oak is an organization teeming with creative minds, the possibilities are endless. Again, it’s all about you, not us!!

What kind of lasting memories do you want to make on your big day? Let us help bring your ideas to life! Let’s make some memories together!!

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Party Planning

Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event or a private party, we've got you covered. You can expect a professional, top-shelf, party planning experience.


From making your speech heard to helping your guests bust a move on the dance floor, our state of the art audio equipment gets the job done and then some.


Light your event up and set the perfect mood. From ambient mood lighting, to elegant room accents, to spotlights and more.


If you have special visual needs, we can help. Display your video, digital photos, graphics and more the right way - where everyone can see them.

Staging & Trussing

Make that small room feel like a concert hall, or add a dance floor to the middle of the room. We can transform your event space into the perfect place to host your event.

Event Consultation

Get answers to your questions and make sure you cover all your bases. Our event consultation will make sure you're prepared for your event, and set your mind at ease.


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Benji Bisnov

Benji Bisnov

Chief Operating Officer


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